Voice for Ios and Android

I have seen that when I play Infinite Flight in Android it has many voice options for atc and general but when I play in Ios it barely gives me 7/8 voices. Why is that so. In fact Ios users pay more than Android for a subscription.


This is controlled by the operating system, not by us. We show the voices that are available on the device.

I don’t think they do…

Are you sure that iOS pays more. Idk if that’s true

yes 100% sure in India its a diffrence of about 1000 Rs

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Oh ok - taxes are different in India than other places in the world…

Oh, I was not aware of that . Anyways thanks for your support and an early response

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I play on android and I have 2 voices

It depends on how many voices you have installed on your device. I am only familiar with iOS so can’t speak for Android, unfortunately.
In iOS, go to the settings app. Go to Accessibility, then to either spoken content, or Voiceover. DO NOT TURN VOICEOVER ON!. Then, if you chose Voiceover, go to speech, then voice. If you chose spoken content, go to voices. . Then, install as many voices as you want!


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