Voice communication

So we can use our own​voices. Instead of that really boring lady

Not a very good feature request/topic.

I suggest you specify “lady” and add some more depth into your post.


exactly what I was going to say.

Maybe we could have servers with the lady, and others without.

On Android I can change the voice

Duplicate, philippe has explained why this isn’t possible


I never knew that, how do you do it?

That was my thought. But you have to be a specific grade to do this

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This maybe helpful -

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This is not about changing the voice of the atc

If you record all the said commands and upload them to the appropriate TTS you can change the ATC voice. What do you want the ATC to say other than what it already says?

how many people will just say random stuff…you cant really do it then as people will mess around eg they might say rude stuff and be offensive to other people…etc.

That’s what admins are for. Also you would have to have a server where your allowed to swear (older people) and a server for people who won’t swear with admin (younger and more mature people)