Voice chat in infinite flight

I feel like pilots need to interact more because it make it more realistic

But you have the risk of an argument starting up, and then it’s going to get unprofessional from there.

meanwhile little timmy’s on voice chat and he hears a no no word

also wrong area-


Yea, gotta protect little timmy’s ears.


It has good intent, but @InfiniteFlightNewark is correct


Yeah, it would make it more realistic, but there is risk of arguing and different situations.

Marc put this in the best way I believe:

There are some features request out there for some things that would utilize voice communication though.

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There a whole list of obvious reasons why we don’t see voice interactions in Infinite flight today. Most of which are of a good reason. That said, if you have close friends who you personally know, feel free to FaceTime, Skype, Call, WhatsApp, etc. them. That’s the easiest and quickest way to chat with them as you’re flying right now. 🥸