Voice chat ATC idead

I hope you are all doing well! I had an amazing Idea to make a step forward to Infinite flight simulation. The realism of the experience is what makes gaming better! Why not create a discord server for ATC? So we can communicate vetween tower and aircrafts on a same server or airport just. Like the project flight prototype on roblox! I think that would be a step forward to infinite flight simulation so I thought sharing it with the community would be a good idea, let me know what you guys think? And lets vote for infonite flight to create that!!!

This would be a hard idea with ATC using our real voices because not everyone speaks the same language making communication really hard between pilots and ATC


Great idea! Unfortunately voice atc isn’t something that Infinite Flight plans on implementing. However, if you wish to talk with others via voice while flying or while controlling you may want to consider joining the Infinite Flight Discord. There are voice channels there that you may create for flights.

Another venture worth joining may be IFATC. The Infinite Flight ATC aspect of the app. As a controller you can control with other controllers and communicate with them over voice.

But as for your voice or others’ voices being communicated in app, that won’t be something on Infinite Flights books for the time being.

Hope this helps clarify things!