Voice change isn’t working

When I try to change the voice for atc on multiplayer whatever I do it just stays as Australian female. I’ve been trying to change to Daniel and Siri but these aren’t working??can I please have some help and if manually change it to Daniel I’m not sure if it’s me who is doing something wrong? Thank you aviationbrit

You can change it under “voice settings” in your device settings.

it only works for when you speak the other pilots voices will be what they set

Just tried it again still not working

Try restarting your device.

Go onto your device settings and ensure they are installed. I have had some similar issues aswell.

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I’ve tried and it hasn’t worked but thank you

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Ok I have check and they are installed any other advice you could give or how did you fix yours?

it should work but if not here is 2 suggestions

  1. Shut down your device and turn it back on and get rid of storage

  2. Delete and re-install the app

if those don’t work then take your device to a nearby device fixing place

if it works You’re welcome

Are you doing it in the app or on your phone settings?

These haven’t worked unfortunately I’m not
Gonna get it fixed because it is selected as I have tested it on other apps ect so I’m unsure on what’s going on here thank you

Phone settings not app

Have you tried in app?

How do you do that? I never knew you could

Go to settings, live, voice and test them out! Click on which one you want! @aviationbrit

Thank you so much it worked!!!

No problem! Don’t forget to click the solution on the comment so mods can close.