Voice ATC?

I was wondering if it would be possible for us to have voice ATC on a seperate server. This would add a great addition to the game as it will make the game more realistic.

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There have been many posts asking for this, and it will most likely not be implemented during to security reasons, and the younger age of some of the users

The Zello App was a step in the right direction of what you’re talking about, however, theres way too many trolls and immature people on the servers that would make it difficult to get anything done. Also, language/accent barriers.

I know I use zello for some VA voice atc events but it requires me to have two devices so I won’t have to keep switching apps. I was told that there used to be a voice atc server and was wondering if we could bring it back. It would give a chance for real pilots to have the real experience of flying on their electronic devices.