Voice ATC

I would also like to see voice ATC as it would be more realistic than using the computer commands. It would be something similar to vatsim. I hope that voice ATC should be added someday.

What’s yours thoughts on this?

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Shouldn’t this be a feature request?. Also I’m sure it’s been mentioned before.


Yes but I was just wanting thoughts in general.

I say nay.

I agree. It would get abused, and would constantly have to be moderated for trolls. VATSIM, is often trolled and requires supervisors to monitor it.


People would need to learn the phonetic alphabet and to not interrupt other people


Yes that’s true

A huge percentage of users still don’t understand how to use the pre-selected messages, giving them open speech would most likely be a huge mess.


Maybe this could be something implemented by a third party in the future.

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Yes I know

Some are already using Zello for this function, so you’re absolutely right.

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Yes, but more implemented. Like a separate console for ATC.

So integrated into the API (I think that’s the correct term) similar to IF Assistant?

I myself use Zello, but I think something from a third party that is implemented would work better.

Eh, often trolled? No it isn’t… Mostly people not knowing what they are doing which makes us controllers wallop / report them…

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Yeah, pretty much. I think it would be a waste of recourses for FDS to directly work on it.

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Yes it would

Person who’s actually trying to land peacefully: “Good evening tower, N123AB, inbound on the ILS, runway-” cut off by some impatient brat who’s flying at 500 kts 10,000 feet in the air 5 miles from the airport: “I AM ON FINAL” who says it every 5 seconds then gets interrupted by some troll who comes on and shouts obscene words and very inappropriate sayings. That would pretty much sum it up if the devs implemented voice ATC. So it’s a no from me.


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