Voice ATC Server

Hello fellow community members, today I have my first feature request. One of my favorite things about FSX is the ability to use voice ATC. It adds a new level of realism to a flight simulator, and I am able to convey my message much easier. For example, on Infinite Flight, there is not a prompt for everything. If you are flying VFR sometimes it is hard to communicate with ATC properly. I know that it would be very hard to change from the existing text ATC, so instead of changing all of the servers I think we should add 2 new servers: VATC Training, and VATC Expert. To access training you would need to be grade level 2, and to access expert you would need grade level 4. To avoid trolls, their could be a maximum time (15 sec) that you can transmit. You would get 2 transmissions every minute. ATC would be able to disable the transmission maximums at their discretion. So, once a pilot is deemed cooperative, they would be able to transmit whenever. Someone could also be kicked from the server similar to a ghosting, but it would not count as a ghost. In order to control on training, you would have to be Grade 3, and in order to control on expert, you would have to be IFATC.

The problem, is that there are trolls who will say something inappropriate or someone who can’t understand you. And plus, it’s already been posted.

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