Voice ATC Rule

Hello guys,
I heard there is a rule which restricts users/groups to from using Discord for ATC events.

What rule is it and who claims the right to restrict users from using Discord, Zello or other comparable voice supported media? Voice ATC can be a useful activity to train both , Pilot and Controller

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Voice ATC in itself is permitted, however using it in IFC events or IFVARB VA/VOs is not

Voice ATC is prohibited by the IFVARB due to GDPR.

Voice ATC is not permitted under any circumstance. Thank you for your understanding.

The reasoning of the rule goes to privacy and voice recording laws for the most part, thus disallowing the use of voice ATC within Infinite Flight.

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What I mean is that you won’t get banned in the app if you will use it, but it is prohibited on IFC and IFVARB

GDPR is General Data Protection Regulations for anyone wondering.

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