Voice ATC Features

Hi all,

I feel like we need to use Voice ATC instead so we understand our intentions because sometimes we make mistakes and sometimes the ATC don’t understand what somebody wants to do or maybe the other way around. With voice atc we can speak directly to the person and help them understand what they want to do. For example, I want to takeoff on this runway to follow the flight plan.


(And don’t forget to vote)

It’s been discussed numerous times and the mods said it’s not happening due to laws, privacy, etc.

It was available to BAVA as far as I know yet it was revoked.

Not everyone can speak english perfectly. Controllers won’t understand. Plus this is NOT allowed 🙃

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Ok then I didn’t know that @ThomasThePro

Not anymore.


Won’t happen, imagine 20 people talking in discord at once. Toxic

The IFVARB voted to revoke BAVA’s privileges, and they were removed.

VATC is prohibited, in VAs, events, and on the IFC in general.

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Never knew that, thanks for the input.

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Voice has been requested before.

Voice chat is something that has been said by developers will not happen, at least anytime in the foreseeable future. Voice opens up a number of potential abuse issues with users around the entire world from all ages. Being a mobile device introduces a new level of legality that needs to be considered.

Thank you for understanding.