Voice ATC Communities

Good evening everyone,
I think I remember a long time ago that there was some kind of community that would have voice-to-voice atc where they were on a different app like discord maybe. Does anyone know of a community similar to this where they have voice atc?

No, voice ATC is not condoned by Infinite Flight last time I checked, therefore there are no official voice ATC groups.

I know that voice ATC would definitely not be allowed on the expert server, because we have IFATC. Doing that on the training server is a little foggy, but I would play it safe and just stick to normal controlling.

There have been many posts asking for this, and it will most likely not be implemented during to security reasons, and the younger age of some of the users.

I also remember that there were several events trying to implement this that got shut down.

Some do exist, but they cannot be advertised on the IFC, and cannot be associated with Infinite Flight…that being said, no one is stopping a group of people from setting up their own ATC channel on a private zoom/discord etc, as long as everyone Unicom is used, and other traffic is taken into account. Because at that point it is simply a group call.

Edit: to clarify, the reason they aren’t allowed is that there is no real way to moderate them, and if someone says/behaves inappropriately, that will then reflect poorly on IF, so they were just outright banned.


Don’t think so but they are not allowed in events

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