I started off this journey at Cochin, the world’s first solar powered airport. I travelled by vistara to mumbai -

A little bit of planespotting at VABB:

The next day, i travelled from Mumbai to Heathrow;

while waiting for my flight to Riga, i saw this -

and a really nice view:

An Emirates A380 bound to Dubai -

Thanks for the ride AirBaltic!


Wonderful pictures! How was the Airbaltic A220?

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Great Photos!

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Some nice photos there, Did you stay over one night at the airport? How did you feeling flying virgin, where they better than BA/AI?

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Stayed one night at heathrow.
Didn’t actually travel in Virgin Atlantic on this leg,
(Earlier experience was excellent, unfortunately, they stopped VABB-EGLL routes). However, Air India had nice service and smooth landing :)

It had a fresh, neat and tidy touch and feel to it. The engines were silent. Seats were normal, IFE was missing.

You liking Latvia?

I hope so😉

You can’t really expect IFE in Europe😕

How did you get EGLL-EVRA? It’s usually from EGKK

I went via berlin tegel, however could not get photos from there.

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