Vocal Air Traffic Controlling


Hello guys thanks for viewing my feature request. Now one thing that I know you serious pilots dreamed of one day was to have the ability to speak to the ATC using your voice! This in my opinion would not only bring IF to the next level, but also attract more people into infinite flight multiplayer! This feature would make Infinite Flight so realistic. However there are some pros and cons of this…


  • Realsim

  • More flexible ways of speaking

  • More possibilities of extra messages then what we have with non vocal


  • There will be trolls 100 hundred percent

  • Hard to monitor the ATC’s

  • kids may be more difficult to understand

Ways we can eliminate the cons and make it an amazing thing

  1. Permit vocal atc to grade 4 ATC members

  2. Have the option to report an atc member and provide proof of his bafoonery

  3. Must be able to prove that you are above the age of 14 years old

This is another thought I have had is possibly permit vocal atc to IFATC only but many people will probably not be too happy with that.

I know together we can make this a reality in infinite flight and together with all of our votes we can have this in infinite flight!

This idea has been shut down by staff multiple times. I suppose there minds may have changed, but don’t get your hopes high. This will likely be closed soon…


Still a no, sorry. You can find our reasoning in the other topics that were closed. Thanks!