VOBL to KSEA in American Airlines

1) Photos from my flight from VOBL to KSEA

**2) Sever - Expert
Flight time - 15 hours 59 minutes

3) Photos

Pushback from gate

Rotation from runway 09

Cruise with @ran on my tail try to find him

Over the Himalayas try to find Everest it is in sight

Descending over Canada

Smooth and Centerline landing at Seattle

Parked at Remote 82 at Seattle

Hope you like these


Great pictures! The one near the Himalayas is amazing!

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I am out of likes

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Sick shot over the mountains, and a cool route :)


Where am I? I can’t see myself in the third picture

Also, my device ended up draining out of battery when there was 1hr 40m left to land :(

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Zoom in a lot

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Woah, I’m so small… hehehe, but I’m also there in the first picture.

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Awesome pictures. Waiting anxiously for AA to commence this route. Gonna fly it really soon!


I cant find him at all, lol


Zoom in like a tom

Amazing photos mate! I can’t wait for American Airlines to operate flight IRL. I really liked the photo of the plane over the Himalayas :)

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