VOBL Second Runway

Hey everyone! I’m not sure whether this goes in #general, but the topic:

On December 6th, 2019, Kempegowda International Airport (VOBL) opened up their second runway. This second runway hasn’t been added in by the airport editing team.

When will the new runway for VOBL be added into Infinite Flight?

EDIT: @Moritz, I think the Infinite Flight Airport Editing Thread said to contact you for any concerns regarding editing…

Hey there! The Airport Editing Team does this. They keep all airports up to date and adding features to airports as they progress in real life. You can join the effort to join the IFAET below. Once there is an available source to copy off of to get to work they have the ability to start working. Since this is recent there probably isn’t any sources yet.

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Most likely whenever someone decides to edit it (assuming satellite imagery is up to date).

Airport Editing is a volunteering job. Whenever someone decides to pick it up and fix it up, it’ll be completed according to current satellite imagery.

@infiniteflight_17 has linked the IFAET’s thread if you’d like to join. New editors are always welcome!


Hey there, I edited VOBL a month or two ago and added a few missing gates and corrected the lines. The imagery for the second runway isn’t available yet so I’d wait for a few months till it is done so.

Once available, I’ll try and take up the task myself.


But I don’t have any experience…

Thanks for letting me know @Ayush_Mathur!

At some point no one did. Even some of the most talented and dedicated editors. That’s the great thing about learning. There’s no limit on what you can learn as there’s always something to learn you just need to find the time to do so. There are multiple tutorials on editing airports that can be found, one I linked below.

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Thanks @infiniteflight_17! I need to ask you some questions so I’ll PM you instead.

@marc or @deercrusher, this topic can be closed

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But what if Chris would’ve wanted to close it? Or Damian? Or Ewan? Or Chris? 🙁