VO Website Requirements

When creating a website for my VO that I want to start, does IFVARB require/recommend and domains or can I just use any I want?
Also, I have never created a website other than google sites so I haven’t got a clue where to start. Can someone maybe recommend a domain to create my website?


Hey there! Weebly is a great place to make a website. Your domain can have .weebly.com at the end for example if you don’t want to pay for a custom domain. Without that at the end you can pay for .com or .org at the end usually.

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check out infinityfree.net, you can get a free rf.gd domain or try weebly.com for an easy website builder

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I highly suggest Wix.com, it’s simple to use and highly user friendly. It comes with a standard free domain name.


Wix is good, but weebly is good for beginners and doesnt have the massive banners at the top (my opinion)

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Umm, the Domains are not free, don’t false advertise.

You can get a free custom domain ending in rf.gd

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He’s not. There is this hosting website called infinityfree.net and that is where people make their crew centers.

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