VO Staff Requirements Poll

Hey all,
It has come to my attention through my staff request thread that many users are not able to meet the high requirements of the VO.
These polls are to collect data on the type of people there are on the IFC.

All polls are completely optional

IF Grade

  • Grade 1
  • Grade 2
  • Grade 3
  • Grade 4
  • Grade 5

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IFC rank

  • A basic user
  • A member
  • Regular
  • Moderator/staff

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VA/Vo experience

  • Current in a leadership position at a VA or VO
  • Have in a leadership position at a VA or VO
  • Current in a VA or VO
  • Have been in a VA or VO
  • never been in a VA or VO

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Age - pleae be aware that this is optional.

  • 10 - 15
  • 16 - 18
  • 18 and over

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Current number of violations

  • 0 - 29
  • 30 - 49
  • 50 - 100

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Number of reports

  • 0 - 1
  • 2 - 5
  • 5 - 10
  • 10+

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Thanks for all the information, moderators please feel free to change or delete this topic if it doesn’t fit in the IFC.


I don’t agree with any of these. You should be adding users based on there ability to play game. Some people may have a ton of violations from the early days when they didn’t understand the game. Some users may not be grade 4, 5 or even 3, does that mean they don’t know what they are doing. Not necessarily. Age shouldn’t matter. VA Experience shouldn’t matter. You should be making these decisions through a better process than “you meet the requirements or you don’t”


It’s kind of like don’t judge a book by its cover. So what if they’re a basic user? So what if they’re Grade 2? So what if they’re 13? None of this determines their experience with the game what-so-ever.

Like Jakey said, maybe they had the reports and ghosts when they were newer to the game, and they’re a Grade 2, it doesn’t determine how much they know. Just my two cents.


I think that instead of havimg violation/ghosting requirements and determine staff based off of those, have them take at least a written test to determine how professionally they fly. Grade doesn’t really matter that much, particularly between 3 and 5. Age doesn’t matter much either, as you should determine staff mainly based off of maturity.

To add on to all of those;

What if they meet all the requirements but they have terrible work ethic, or are a bad person.

You shouldn’t be basing your staff solely based off experience, it also partly comes down to the character and the way they can handle tasks and how they are as a person.

They make look good on paper. But in practice they aren’t good what so ever.

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This has now been fixed

I was just about to vote :(

You have to exclude 10-13 years old because they can’t have an IFC account, as it breaks the terms of service.


I’m ware of this but have chosen to keep it as there are many people who join things underage.

Sorry but I’ve received too many comments where I’ve had to explain myself and the Importance of a poll.

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Nah it’s good I get you.

I have 113 total violations but 5 in the last year