VO Afiliation does not change in IF

Hey everyone! I’m having some issues with my VO affiliation in IF.

Explaining it simply: I’m in a VA (AFKLM) and a VO (IFAB). When flying for AFKLM, I need to set AFKLM as my VO here in the IFC, and when flying non-VA flights, I need to set IFAB as my VO.

What happens is that IFAB is always shown as my VO in IF, even though when flying for AFKLM I set it as my VO here in the IFC about 1 hour or more prior to the flight.

Can anyone help me? (I hope y’all understood the situation)

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Is that one VO only being shown in the replay?? Or are other people noticing?

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Did you click “Save Changes”?

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Takes about 5 minutes to take effect. You may need to restart the app to see a change.

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I do almost all my flights with a friend, who tells me which VO appears in front of my username, so it isn’t just in the replay

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yes, all the times

I always change it about 1 hour prior the flight and restart the app

Have this issue as well

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Our ninjas just went to bed after an exhausting 14hr day.
We’ll make sure to have a look at this as soon as possible though.

In the mean time, anyone experiencing this that care to share their callsign?
It helps us go log digging to find the cause.


hey there, thanks for your help!
I’m in flight right now and my callsign is Air France 250AK Heavy

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My callsign right now is OK-HAI

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How long ago did you change to WSVG?

Last Friday I switched to WSVG

Can you try switching now?

Sure thing! Just switched it to BAVA!

It should work now.

You may need to update your VA/VO in here for it take effect. We pointed things a bit wrong until now :)


Ok got it! Thanks for your help! 😄

And i can see BAVA on your IF user profile. Great!

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That’s great news! Thank you so much!

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No worries. Could have gotten this done sooner but i only tagged Cameron in my head, never in reality… so he never knew there was an issue. Ooops.