VNSR Airport Error

It’s on a big chunk of land.

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That wasn’t supposed to be an airport. That’s Noah’s Ark. Seriously though you all have the airport editing team working overtime tonight.



Join the airport editing team if you’re makeing allot of threads,

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It’s nice to have threads where everyone isn’t scrambling to post hey Restart your device oh wait some one is coming.


Hey restart your device, it should work

But in all seriousness, we were just talking about this in the Airport Editing Slack channel! We are constantly updating airports (I’m sure Ryan can tell you more) and I can’t wait to see all our hard work go live!

After investigation we have found that the airport was ~300 feet too high in sim. The issue has been corrected, so look for it in the next scenery push.

Thanks for the report,

Ryan Epps

Airport Editing Supervisor