VNLK operation (Lukla)

Ok thanks that’s really helpful. (And it also saves me from crashing ANOTHER C172). So you can’t ghost or report me for crashing into another aircraft (if I am on final and another aircraft is on the runway).

Well controllers will ghost you if you are flying at unreasonable speeds and crashing into other aircraft, but if you were flying at a reasonable speed and still crash, exception could be made. Don’t forget that you can always go around earlier!

Ok thanks!

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@Trio handled approaches last week with great professionalism, I forget which tower controller you were working with. Was pretty awesome to observe as well as fly during this scenario :) Due the difficult topography and the amount of unrealistic daily inbounds, tower and approach had to group aircraft together when approaching/ departing through the valley. For example, tower would allow three aircraft to depart VNLK and ascend through the valley. Approach frequency on the other hand, was holding approaching aircraft in a pattern outside of the valley, to make room for departure.