VNLK operation (Lukla)

First part of this tutorial is about ground operations

When you’re ready to depart, don’t taxi to the runway. Stay where you are.

Why? If you taxi to the runway, you’ll block the only exit/entry to the gates, leaving any arrivals unable to vacate the runway
Red - No waiting area
Green - Waiting area

This second part is about approach into Lukla.

Enter from the right side of 06 and follow the valley until the airport. The elevation of Lukla is 9100ft. Ensure you’re above that at all times.

Finally, GA ONLY. Basically any plane that has one propeller engine


Nice tutorial David! Great to see this airport open in the region today. Hopefully we’ll see it open more often on expert in the coming months.


Great tutorial @Panther! This should help people who don’t understand how to fly in/out of this airport.


Thanks for the advice @Panther! A few months ago I did not know how to use it. Now I know thanks to you. I will be on it in a moment.

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definitely need to bump this back up. After an hour controlling VNLK, too many people are still waiting right at the runway, not allowing arrivals to vacate the runway


Good job @Panther, this is needed!


When you are ready to go to the runway, do you just request takeoff without even requesting taxi?

There is no ground frequency

Oh okay that makes more sense. Thank you.

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Nice tutorials! Will use them if i fly to lukla! I wish you can do paro as well though

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so this rules out the citation x as well. I have tried taking off from that airport with a citation x in the past :D

Definately no citations

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I love the tutorial!!
However, a small note. You seem to have missed out the part where the 747 lands successfully and they throw a huge party on the runway…
I may have missed this, please advise?


Okay, so basically we have to request Visual Approach rwy 24 in Airbus A380. Got it, thanks Panther!

Guys, in all seriousness, this is a flight simulator and we are trying to keep it as realistic as possible. Keep stuff like that to the casual server as people expect realism when they fly

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Thank you for saying that out loud.


Well done very informative! I personally appreciate the pictures since I prefer to learn visually. Nice work!

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Just out of interest, if you are on final and you need to perform a go around, what is the procedure. On solo mode I have tried many tactics such as breaking out and performing a sharp right turn. Is this correct? Thanks!

U can’t rlly go around it’s a one and done

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It’s almost impossible. The topography of this place leaves no room for error.