Vnlk notam

Hey IFC,

Not sure what is the right category for this so don’t want to put it in to support. Regulars may help me out on this one:)

But wanted to bring up to Staff that after the recent FNF we no longer have the TFR around VNLK (Luka) to address the size restrictions at this airport.

I hope everyone is staying safe and having a good day:)


That TFR was in place only for the FNF as the theme was GA. IRL airports like VQPR & VNKT accept Jets.

Yes im not speaking about them. Im speaking about LUKA it always had a TFR in IF from what I can remember .

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Ah,okay! Skipped that by mistake.

We don’t need people landing A380 at Luka :))

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It was probably removed temporarily for the FNF we just had. It’ll probably be added back at some point, maybe the staff have forgotten about it. Good reminder though

The Lukla TFR has been added back. It was altered for the FNF but never added back after the fact.

Thank you Misha

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Ill flag this to be closed