VNKT Kathmandu Fly-Out DEPARTED

Tribhuvan International Airport The airport is a hub for two international airlines, the flag carrier Nepal Airlines and Himalaya Airlines, along with multiple domestic carriers. The airport is considered as a starting point for Mount Everest international tourists, with several daily flights to Lukla. Several airlines also offer Everest sightseeing flights out of Kathmandu.

Server: Expert

Airport: VNKT



I have not included any gate assignments. Just tell me where and which aircraft you want to fly, I will assign you a gate.

Terminal Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot Call Sign
International Bay 1 Singapore Airlines B787-10 Singapore @poncho41 4X-EDF
International Bay 2 Royal Nepal 757 London @Ben_Walsh
International Bay 3 Fly Dubai 737-8 Dubai @bilal_khalfe
International Bay 4 Air India A320 Kolkota @CheetoVonTweeto
Domestic Bay D1 Indigo A320 Mumbai @eldrago 111VA
Remote Apron Bay R1 Avianca B788 El Dorado @MainSky Avianca661

Recommended Routes
1- Turkish Airlines to Istanbul
2- Sri Lankan Airlines to Colombo
3- Korean Air to Seoul
4- Cathay Pacific to Hong Kong
5- Air India to New Delhi/Kolkata
6- Fly Dubai to Dubai
7- Malaysian Airlines to Malaysia
8- Singapore Airlines to Singapore
9- Nepal Airlines to Lukla
And many more…

Tower -
Ground -
Departure -


  1. I am not responsible for violations
  2. Follow ATC instructions
  3. If there is no ATC, use the Unicom correctly
  4. No pattern work
  5. Have Fun and enjoy.

I am always open to ideas and suggestions from others.
Happy flying.

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This looks interesting! However, I would suggest that you add Departure instead of Approach as this is a flyout.

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I will take the departure frequency please

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ill do this one

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ok thanks for the advice. Would you like a gate?

sure thanks for signing up

got you thanks for signing up

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I’m sorry but I can’t make it. It’s at 3 am for me.

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okay mate. no issue )

could you change the a330 into a 777 because if doesnt have the korean livery in game

  • they sometimes operate the 777 with this route aswell

yess of course.


I’ll be flying back to london in a royal Nepal airlines 757


good choice. thanks for signing up

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@Joel_Albert may i ask why is it on training?


OMG this was supposed to be on Expert. thanks mate. i confused it with another event of mine on training.

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@Ben_Walsh @poncho41 @LuckyRc the event is being changed to Expert server. just informing you guys ))


Would you like a gate?

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Unable to be atc sadly.


im so sorry mate.

Maybe you would like a gate?

I have few events on Training server. You could check them out for ATC ))

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