VNKT Approach

I got caught up watching a few tragic crashes of a few planes into Kathmandu. You would think they would have an ILS system by now instead of reading off a chart when making the approach. Even manually flying out of there on IF requires a steep VS. Interesting location for an airport for sure!


Because of the location, I don’t believe an ILS can be used, there is a mountain just in front of the runway, so you need to fly in with a bit of a runway off-set. Nevertheless an awesome airport indeed!

Statement below taken from an article I found on the net. Sounds like it’s in the plan but mostly delayed since they would have to lengthen the runway.

However, the plan for installing the ILS localiser has been in limbo due to the delay in extension of the runway. To instal the ILS localiser on the northern side, the runway should be extended by at least 170 metres towards the southern part of the runway

Kathmandu airport is situated in a valley surrounded by the Himalayan mountains. The best way to have an approach there will be to use the GPS approach and once established on the localizer, switch to manual flying.

@Tyler_Shelton has shown it very well here ;)

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