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I’m planning a VFR flight across the Florida Panhandle, but there’s one particular part of this VFR nav chart that’s troubling me (areas of concern circled in black):

There’s restricted airspace indicators all over, but there’s no arrows or any sort of guide as to where these indicators are referring to as restricted airspace. As a precaution, I just planned around the blue and purple-ish dashed border that surrounds the general area. Is this chart indicating that this whole area outlined in blue and purple is restricted?

And should this be in a different category?

That’s a lot of airspace in one area.

As best I can tell, the class delta around Hurlburt field is restricted (R-2915B) from the surface to unlimited altitude. The restricted area just south (R-2915C) is restricted from 8,500 feet to unlimited altitude.

It looks like military traffic from Eglin AFB spends a lot of time around here, so if you were flying this IRL you’d want to get in touch with Eglin/Tyndall Approach prior to entering the Eglin terminal area.

I’d need to see more of the chart to be sure, but it looks like you have the right idea flying south around all of this, depending on the altitude you’re flying.


It appears the box in blue text instructs pilots to contact Elgin/Tyndall APP to operate within the blue shaded boxes, which are the Restricted Areas without arrows.

(Unlimited doesn’t necessarily mean no one can ever fly there, I don’t think, but that with the AFBs, they reserve the right to bar traffic at any time, and they require App clearance to operate in the region. Someone feel free to correct me, but that’s my best reading of the chart.)


Here’s some more specific info:

(Source: FAA)


The band around the coast is where you would want to operate. See the open arrows going in either direction? Also just because an airspace is restricted doesn’t mean you can’t fly through it. You just have to have permission to do it. Restricted airspace frequencies are listed in the sub section of that specific VFR chart.


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