VNAV waypoints

This might sound like a stupid question but I am new to VNAV and i was wondering, how do i find waypoints that have altitude restrictions?


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You find them on SIDS and STARS, you can also set your own if you want

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where do i find that?

In the flight plan.

When you Click on an Airport, then Click on procedures and there is Approach, Arrival and Depature

Also, in the waypoints it must have an @ and some numbers. That’s the altitude restriction ;)

i got it figured out thanks guys!!

This tutorial might help you to understand how VNAV works and how to use it with an ATC controller present.


If you’re talking about airport procedures, you will find them in the airport’s charts (SID, STAR, IAP, etc…).

In IF the altitude set in the procedures could be minimums or maximums. And there is no way to tell which is which. So checking the airport charts is necessary.

If you’re talking about airways, there are a few websites that may help you: the corresponding country Aviation Administration is an option. But websites like Eurocontrol will cover many countries.

You can also check NOTAMs published by the FAA or ICAO to check latest warnings / modifications that would also cover possible altitude requirements if changed between 2 AIRAC.

For NAT (North Atlantic Tracks), the FAA website publishes the latest updates.

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