VNAV use for step climbs


Can VNAV be used for step climbs

Hello, VNAV is for descents at this time. In the future version they plan to implement the climb aspect of VNAV. :)

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There is a way

The only way known to me to implement step climbs into IF is by using In Flight Assistant, a third-party app.

I have If assistant how can i use that for step climbs like when i am asleep on long hall

I don’t have it and believe you have to pay extra.

This thread might help

  • How much does this cost? Depends on your country. Roughly $4.99 for the core co-pilot app, $4.99 for the GPWS warning system, $4.99 for the Passenger Announcements, $4.99 for the voice commands (detecting a pattern?).

I cant see where it says I can use the IF assistant for step climbs

The link I posted has the solution

No, there is no solution in that thread.

I don’t know, maybe look on the App Store?

Yes there is. I tried it and it worked. Deer crusher told us how to

No, there is no way to do step climbs in Infinite Flight. Only descent.

Stop giving misleading information. Doesn’t help.

There is no official in app way to use the climb aspect of VNAV at this time. The link provided above is a thirdparty application that does this.

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Look if anyone is actually going to take the time to click on the link and scroll down they will see how to

No he didn’t. I participated in that thread. You have probably been able to set altitudes to waypoints in game but when you try to use VNAV while climbing, you get a message saying it only works during descent.

VNAV is currently for descent ONLY. We have read the article on VNAV.

Yes this is what happens.

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