VNAV Standard Decent Rate

The title says it all. Does anyone know what the VNAV standard decent rate is for the 757?

A further Boeing document from 2008 states that a typical rate of descent for 757-200 in a clean configuration and throttle idle is 1800fpm


What Flight Level ? TOD from cruise or FL200 to FL100 etc ?
757 varies and speed can be a variable to
along with mode and descent profile.

1500 FPM or 1000 FPM on initial descent.

Here is some numbers to look at…

Descent rate is dynamic. It depends on your ground speed and your VNAV angle(or whatever affects them)

It varies all the time.

What it targets is 3 degrees if I recall correctly.

That is final approach glide slope, could be less or more.

The vnav on the autopilot does the same thing in Infinite Flight. This isn’t anything advanced like Airbus’s CDA profile or anything. Infinite Flight draws out 3 degrees from the altitude restriction from the closest descent fix you are enroute to and then compensate as necessary. The way it prioritizes in IF is 3 degrees if possible, if not then it will use VS to meet the restriction. That’s why you’ll get drastic changes from the system sometimes when going between fixes.

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