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Hi Everyone!

I am on route to NZAA from KLAX. New Zealand Airline 777-300ER. I am about to go to sleep ready to land in NZAA at around 08:10am in the morning UK time! Do I active VNAV now? Or wake up an hour before arrival?

Callsign: NewZealand25 Heavy

When you wake up. You don’t want to be accidentally receiving violations

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Hi there, I recommend leaving VNAV off, this way if you wake up late then you won’t get any violations from over speeding. Don’t activate VNAV until you’re going to be there for the descent.
Have a nice flight!

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What should I do if I go off flight plan? If over slept?

I would set an alarm so that doesn’t happen. If you sleep over your alarm I would just file a flight plan to a another airport you’re near, or if you’re still close to your original destination then you can circle back and land

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I have set Alarm an hour before arrival! Is that okay?

Yeah that’s good, gives you some time before TOD too.

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Thank you!

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What speed should I use and the step break downs using flaps with speed for 777-300ER

don’t active vnav while you’re sleeping because if it descends while you sleep you can get a violation, i’d say do it while you’re really awake

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you only activate VNAV when you are 1 minute from your TOD

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Well sometimes I add delaying vectors to ensure i can sleep longer 😎. But to make it realistic as possible set an alarm.


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