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I’ve seen a few times in the tips on the loading screen, that it advises you to arm VNAV within a minute of ToD. What is the reason for this?

What would be the disadvantage of arming say 1 hour away from ToD, or even as soon as you reach cruise alt?


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Hey there!
Many pilots tend to arm VNAV as soon as they are cruising, and then when they’re not paying attention, the aircraft starts to descend and they are given some speed violations. That’s why you’re encouraged to arm it once you’re sure you are pending to the device.


Hey! This is for the following reason: in case you step away from your device with VNAV armed, you could automatically descend into a controlled airspace and earn a Level 2 or 3 violation, or (more commonly) overspeed on your descent and earn several Level 1 violations, which would disconnect you from the server.

Arming VNAV just before your TOD gives you the chance to monitor your descent while it’s happening and adjust speeds (and pay attention to airspaces) accordingly.

There have been countless pilots who have armed VNAV at cruise on long-haul flights and slept off, only to wake up and find themselves with multiple violations.

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Thanks for the replies guys! :)

its always a good thing to be present to monitor the descent but i always arm vnav on cruise and set an alarm on my personal phone when im at least 20 mins away from the airport so it gives me time to get ready for the descent and landing.

This is why.


Yes it happened to me.

Happened to me like 5 times(maybe more) last year and this year combined

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