VNAV Question

Hello again,

I have looked at the IF User Guide but still have a clarifying question…

I have seen in other topics, as well as on the user guide that in the “Autopilot” section, the VNAV box contains a number in nautical miles. This is the distance to your TOD point, correct?

On my flight currently, I am at 41,000 feet. The box is showing 209nm however, I have 663nm left in the flight. To me, this does not seem correct as there is no way it takes me 450+ nm to descend. Am I missing something?

Help would be greatly appreciated!

Yep, that’s the distance until it descends.

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Hello, I did a flight/descent today via VNAV and yes, it shows how many nm until TOD.

If the TOD is not accurate, it’s probably because your TOD fix wasn’t set properly. Here’s a tutorial:


This may be it, I will take a closer look at your link. Thank you for your guys’s help!


That is the distance that remains in order for your aircraft to start descending !

Okay, I figured it out. It was an incorrect TOD fix. Thanks for the help. Mods can close this if they wish!

Glad that helped, if you have any questions, feel free to ask me as I have a lot of experience with these systems from desktop sims lol ;)

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