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With VNAV if I was to enable to once I was at cruise would it automatically start the descent or or would it occur like how it does for If-Assistant?

I can’t find the answer in the user guide

If you turn it on then it will start the descent for you. It is not recommended to turn VNAV on til you can monitor your descent.


So it’s not like IF-assistant where it will start the descent where it will start the descent the waypoint before the waypoint you inputted you’re first altitude.

Fix 5 35.0 NM
Fix 6 10.0 NM 18000’

On IF-Assistant it would start my descent at Fix 5 and by the time I’m at Fix 6 I’ll be at 18000’

Correct, VNAV will work out a TOD to the next non blank or Non “----- ft” altitude. and descend you along a 2 degree slope to your next assigned altitude.

(VNAV may descend you steeper than 2 degrees if you have a short distance between 2 fixes and a fair bit of alt to lose)

Does it automatically turn on once at TOD?

No, You have to Turn VNAV on. If VNAV is on it won’t start a descent until TOD

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So if you’re altitudes have already been inputted but don’t turn on VNAV at TOD would it descent?

So after reaching a cruise altitude; if we activate the VNAV; it will keep flying untill the TOD ( based on the next altitude assigned fix) won’t it? Do we need to adjust speed in this case if that fix has a speed restriction?!

Unless you turn on the VNAV button, it will not descend automatically.

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No , it won’t do anything. Just sit at cruise

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