VNAV Problem

Hi IFC, I’m currently cruising over the Pacific Ocean, 7 hours and 40 minutes into my journey from San Francisco to Guam via Honolulu. I was just checking in on my fight when I realised that my VNAV is not set (it isn’t showing NM to start if decent like usual). I’m suspecting this could be because I’ve made a brief stop in Honolulu as this is the route in real life. Is their a way I can fix this problem or, am I going to have to calculate my decent manually?

Do any of the waypoints into Guam have an altitude set?

Yes only the approach STAR into Guam International has altitude set, so I think it should be showing up anyway. I’m unsure why this is happening.

Of you don’t have set any altitudes, it won’t display the decent as it can’t decent then

@Zak_Plant @Pilot_Dan1 I’ve attached an image showing that the altitude for the waypoints are set.

Hmm, that seams weird. Have you pressed the VNAV button yep? If so what pops up when you engage it now?

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I’ll give it a try now

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Thanks so much you just solved my problem. I pressed VNAV and now it’s showing up. :)

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Now worries, happy to help!

Thanks so much I appreciate it

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