Vnav on climb out

I don’t get why if VNAV works on decent then why can’t it on climb out ? Is this how it works in real life or is it something with the simulator where they don’t have it possible due to coding challenges or something? I don’t under why if its possible for one, why is it not possible for the other ? And then to follow that up, hoe do you guys make sure you hit the right way points at the right altitude on the way out so I can learn?


Laura, one of the Infinite Flight developers, created VNAV for the 20.1 SID’s & STAR’s update. She said that for now, VNAV will only work for descending. I believe the IF team is still working on a fully functional VNAV that will come in the near future!


So, they in the first version of VNAV, it would be only for Descend, but it will be worked on to work with climb, not confirming anything tho

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A great alternative to the current VNAV for climbing is a third party app called “In-Flight Assistant” by John Goering. It does cost a few dollars but is a great app and has a good VNAV. Here’s a link to the App Store → ‎In-Flight Assistant on the App Store

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