VNAV not working?

I had this little bug or glitch or maybe I’m doing something wrong but I couldn’t get VNAV working. Says it wasn’t available during climb, but I was cruising and about to descend. Maybe it could’ve been the altitude I was at, but it was the real life altitude used on the real flight.

iPhone XR
iOS 15.5

This could be because you have set VNAV altitudes that could be higher than your current altitude at FL220. Go ahead and look at the map and look at your FPL and see if you have any set VNAV altitudes for over FL220. If so, remove the VNAV altitude for that waypoint. After it should work. Hope this helps! (Sorry if this sounds confusing, I don’t know really how to word it!)


You’re a huge help, thank you!

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Anytime glad I could help you!

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