VNAV not working properly

During the past week I have been noticing that my VNAV doesn’t work the way it used to anymore. I often delete early altitude assignments in my STAR to prevent my plane from descending too low. To do that I set the VNAV altitude to 0. This always worked and the VNAV target always adjusted to the next given altitude. But for the last week or so, VNAV keeps the altitude that was originally assigned to a waypoint, even though I deleted that altitude.
Example: The first waypoint of a STAR has 11000ft. I delete this altitude so the aircraft will have one steady descent to the end of the ILS cone to 3500ft. Before it would normally pick up 3500ft as the new target and just descent later. Now though, it keeps 11000ft even though I deleted that altitude. Even if I activate the waypoint with 3500ft it says it changed the target but keeps descending to o11000ft.

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Is it keeping the same V/S (Vertical Speed) when it is doing this or is it decreasing? Ex. -1500 FPM —> -500 FPM

Instead of putting 0 as the altitude for said waypoint, try deleting the number entirely

Well that’s the same

It keeps its descend rate till the deleted altitude

If the issue keeps occurring I suggest removing the waypoint from your FPL and re-adding it manually

What happens if you enter a greater altitude, replacing the original altitude?

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