VNAV issues

I used to be able to activate VNAV as soon as I reach cruising altitude. Now I cannot activate it until my STAR. Is this a new issue or something I’m doing wrong because it says “this feature is not available during climb” when I have waypoints to decend off my STAR.

Make sure you’re level at cruise before pressing VNAV. If your autopilot VS is positive it won’t work.


I’m cruising at 35,000, vs is bouncing a little but only in the -20+20 region, before this update it was fine, now it’s not.

Try selecting a waypoint/leg further down your STAR from your flight plan and then arming VNAV. You’ll most likely get a longer time to your TOD, so VNAV will work properly. Just a workaround for now.

Can you give a little more detail here? What needs to happen for you to activate VNAV?

Be sure to activate VNAV as soon as your TOD’s altitude is below cruising level. You might end up adding the altitudes to the plan to make the steps-climbs. Therefore, you will not be able to activate VNAV if you are at any altitude above your current cruising level.

Btw, VNAV doesn’t work for climbs, only for the descent!

Manual (VNAV)

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