VNAV Issue

Hi all,

Unfortunately my VNAV won’t update the VNAV target to my next set altitude automatically. Any help appreciated


Can you tell us your ALT, the ALT of the next fix and your speed when descending?

Correct me if wrong, but if you descent is steeper than 2º degrees angle, VNAV will not automatically descend to your next altitude

Of course! I was going from 3500ft to 2600ft at 200kts

Please review this tutorial regarding Vertical Navigation and Top of Decent. If this doesn’t cover the issue that you were experiencing, please reach back out. If this occurs again after reading this tutorial, try to get a video of this issue and post it on YouTube followed up by on the forum. That way the community or Moderation/Staff Team can find a solution.

Hope that you’re enjoying the 20.1 Update!

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