VNAV issue @ KPVD

I’m making a support request because as I was approaching KPVD with the L34 approach, I noticed that when I tapped the map button to show the list of waypoints in my flight plan, one of the waypoints is listed there twice with another waypoint between them which messes with both the VNAV and LNAV. I do not know who to contact to fix this, but I’d like to bring it to the IFC’s attention so someone could point me in the right direction. Thank you guys!

So, just delete the repetition and streamline the FPL.

That will fix the issue in the short-term but I feel like there must be a fix for the long-term that has to do with the approach IF has in their database

You could report the error to the devs as they will push a memo to NAVBlue soon regarding various other discrepancies in the SIDs/STARs.

Please check before you do though and see if the actual procedure includes that waypoint twice or is it truly an IF/NAVBlue error

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It is not IF database they get it from NAVBLUE therefore have no control. NAVBLUE runs with the help of Airbus so is a bit out of control.

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Thanks for the report the duplicate waypoint.

Simply delete it from your plan. Sometimes this happens depending on the data we receive.

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