VNAV functionality

I know there is already a topic about this, but it looks unused, so I thought I’d make a new topic.
This topic is about VNAV functionality.
VNAV is only available for GPS descents (Only descents to altitudes set in your flight plan). This will be useful for departures as well to follow altitudes set in SIDs and then automatically get to your cruising altitude (Yes, I think this actually is already coming to IF in one of the new updates). But I am still making this topic because there might be more VNAV functionalities, such as when you set your NAV source to NAV1 (ILS), VNAV could be available to just follow the glideslope if you don’t want to set the APPR mode for it to follow both glideslope and localiser. This could be added along with the VNAV functionality for departures whenever that could come out.
If there are any other functionalities that VNAV could be used for, reply down below and I’ll add it here.
Don’t forget to vote if you want to see this in IF!

Looks like a great idea!!

You can already do this. Set NAV1 tuned into the ILS frequency. Make sure you have your approach loaded in with altitudes along the entire approach. You may then engage VNAV to follow the altitudes on the approach while flying the localizer inbound. Essentially you’re flying a LOC only approach with vertical guidance. The key is making sure you have altitudes for each point, even the runway (which I set to 50ft above field elevation). VNAV will take you all the way down to the runway without every having to use APPR.