VNAV for climb and cruise

The 20.1 has been released with many features including the VNAV feature. I’m sure all of you know what VNAV is but here’s the link below if you don’t know what VNAV is.

VNAV is currently can only be used for descent. This feature request is for VNAV climb and cruise. This is to reach SID altitude restrictions and for step climbing. This will be especially useful and helpful for pilots doing Ultra Long Hauls or overnighters. While we are unconscious or away from our device, VANV will ascend for us. Let me know your thoughts below. Thanks for reading!

They’re working on it! They said it’s a bit harder due to it being climb, and speed plays a major factor, but don’t worry, it will be here soon.


In the mean time, you can also get In Flight Assistant, which is equipped with the full VNAV feature (including climb)

Its going to come soon, so I don’t think this is really necessary.


I’m confused why this is not in 20.2 beta

Cause it was never said it was going to be in 20.2, will come out on a later update…

Maybe in the next??

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Hopefully. Fingers crossed.

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Yeah. It would be super nice.

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I think this feature only on the IOS version & not the Android version. Pl correct me if I am wrong.