VNAV Doesn't Work With Citation X

What the hell is wrong with the VNAV on this plane?? I climbed to the top of ascent and it still won’t engage! smh

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VNAV works only on descent

it usually works for me. try giving it a few minutes on cruise. IF neglects the business aviation in the game so it’s quite outdated

VNAV works on all aircraft.

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Welcome to the community. Check that your current altitude and the alttitude you set on the flight plan for cruise are the same.

Never mind, it does work! I just needed to make sure my ToA was the same as my flight plan. I was at 25,000 ft when I was supposed to be at 26,000 ft. So, I just simply climbed another 1,000 ft, pressed the VNAV, and voila! It engaged! Thanks for responding so quickly anyways! 😀


VNAV won’t arm if the plane is still climbing

I think it’s also true vnav won’t arm if you’re below the altitude of a waypoint you’ve selected, even if you’re not climbing? Like a star waypoint at 12,000 and you’ve descended to say 11,000. Going by memory you get the still climbing message.

Just did a quick test in solo and you can still set VNAV below your set altitude just set V/S to 0 and wait for the plane to level off

You can remove the 26000ft from the waypoint tho
Thats what I did once

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