VNAV disconnects

When is VNAV supposed to disconnect while descending? In the last two flights it begins to work properly, but for some reason disconnects and the aircraft goes out of control.

I don’t think VNAV should do that. Here is a topic with more information regarding VNAV: The VNAV Tutorial Perhaps your controls aren’t calibrated properly?

What do you mean disconnect? Once the aircraft reaches your final waypoint with an assigned altitude, the aircraft should still be following LNAV or APPR if it’s been engaged

VNAV disconnects if you do changes in your flightplan. For example if you remove an approach procedure.
It should not disconnect by itself. Never happened to me.

it shouldnt…

I also know VNAV disconnects if your last waypoint with altitude is met. Let say you are 30 miles away at waypoint “VNAVV” @ 11,000ft and the rest of the waypoint don’t have altitudes assigned, VNAV turns off once “VNAVV” is met.

VNAV should not go out of control when disconnecting. VS autopilot stays on.

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