Vnav crash

A little while ago, I was making adjustments to the vnav and the game crash

My device
samsung tab s6
Full screen resolution
Call sign: KAC017
Display name :IFKWT Al-shawwaf
I wrote this because you probably don’t know about this issue.
Thx for reading🌹

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It’s probably unrelated to VNAV. Just a device issue most likely.

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This sounds like the crash issue, not related to VNAV, what device were you on?


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I am sorry. Didn’t see that. Should have read it more carefully…

I’ve had this problem a few times, even before the hot fix.

Could you describe what exactly happens (and when exactly (When you edit VNAV in the map, if I understood correctly))?

And do you have other apps open (e.g. to read the altitudes from)?

I was adjusting the altitude When I was in the air

If assistance and infinite passengers were working.

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Ok, so you just set a new altitude in the FPL and the app crashed, I See. No idea how this happened unfortunately. Have you had a look into the #support FAQs already?

Okay, I’ll write down the rest of the informations

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Great, thanks! I hope someone can help you to get this solved soon!

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  • Make sure you are on the latest version of Infinte Flight from your app store.
  • Did is crash with a message or just go back to the home screen?

-The game is updated with the lastest virsion

-just go back to the home screen

Was this during a long haul of right when you spawned?
Any 3rd party apps?
Were you using a joy stick?
What graphics settings?

I have the same problem on a Samsung A70 when I edit the VNAV Altitude. I play on mid settings and dont use a Joystick.

🔵Was this during a long haul of right when you spawned?
🔴I was decent gradually in a short flight
🔵Any 3rd party apps?
🔴Infinite passengers and if assistant
🔵Were you using a joy stick?
🔵What graphics settings?

Lowering your graphics settings will help.
You can also try it without 3rd party.
Rebooting before the flight well help.

Unless it happens every time in a reproducible situation there is a lot of trial and error with a resolution.

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Unfortunately, I will not enjoy the flight without a third party☹️

It is just a trial and error to narrow it down.

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