VNAV confusion

Alright so I’m doing my first overnight flight (literally about to go to bed) and I’ve been at cruising altitude for a good hour or hour and a half. But the thing is, I’ve been checking to see if my flight’s all good like I haven’t crashed or anything, and I’ve noticed that the time till my TOD hasn’t changed at all. like a good 10 minutes ago, it said 10:14 and it’s still there. Anyone know what’s up?

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Some more information on this would be helpful:

  • What is your route, and where are you now?
  • What speed and altitude are you at?
  • What aircraft are you flying?

Screenshots showing your TOD info may also be helpful.

Yes of course, my bad.

YSSY-KLAX, I departed about an 1:30 ago, going mach 0.84 at FL350 in the 777-300

oh my god. nevrmind, it’s working now and i feel silly lol

i guess someone can close this noe.

Hi, it’s probably because your ground speed decreased a bit, and because your ETA to TOD is calculated based on your current ground speed and not the ground speed you’ll have ahead. At this sort of distances, even a small change of a few knots can mean 10 minutes in ETA time

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That makes sense. and I bet that is what happened.

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OP requested closure