Vladivostok Avia Airbus A330-300

Vladivostok Air or Avia is also too translator to ВЛАДИВОСТОК АВИА.

It had been 3 fleets purchased from Aer Lingus sent to Vladivostok Air in Eastern Russian (Siberia) 🇷🇺 last few years earlier. The true story was the commuter flew to Moscow and half another country in Japan, China, and anywhere else in South or West Europe over Russia.

The credit photo is Alexander Fedonyuk.

Taken date: August 12, 2011, at Khabarovsk Novy (KHV / UHHH) Airport, Russia.

Airbus A330-300
  1. VQ-BEU.

  2. VQ-BCW

  3. VQ-BEQ