VixenKasai’s ATC Tracking Thread - [PASSED]

I have passed my written and cleared for my Training/Practical!

Come help me get some practice in!

**Status: CLOSED **
Airport: KAFW

Runways: 16

Server: Training




Hey there!

Feel free to tag me whenever you are open. And I will try my best to stop by! :)

Open now at KAUS



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Hold up are you in IFATC? All this time I didn’t even know 😂 sorry

Just joined like yesterday 😂

Oh really? How are you already doing Radar training?

I took my written already. Just waiting to be paired up with a trainer and decided to get some early practice in

I’m sorry I’m just a confused man right now.

You can’t take your radar written test before being paired with a trainer

I guess we are talking about two different tests.

I took my initial ground/tower test I think.

Maybe I just mislabeled my thread 🤔

Oh mmm than how are you in IFATC 🤔

Ha here we are…

you opening GT not app?

Yes I’m G/T

OK just get rid of “radar” in your title 😉

Put ATC. instead

Ok let me just clear this up 😂 so your not in IFATC? Cause you said you joined yesterday, eh.

Will do. Sorry for the confusion

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I’m still technically in Recruiting/Trainign

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No worries

Ah okay haha I was a little confused you said you joined yesterday. I’ll swing by and fly for a bit

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Sorry guys, I had to leave earlier than expected. Hopefully I’ll be able to get on later

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