VivaAir !TripReport A Unique Airline!

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Flight details
Airline: VivaAir
Route: PEI-CTG
Aircraft: A320

Check in: 9/10

No lane at all. Easy check in show passport. Done! You have to print Boarding Pass or it’s a charge to print it out. 😑 (39$ USD)

Boarding 5/10

There it’s every man for themselves! No zones even though they have it, but don’t use it. We walk to the plane which was nice any Avgeek Dream!

Departure 10/10

VivaAir is the best Airline in Colombia that’s on time for most of the time! Better then (Avanica, EasyFly 😰) We departed at pushback time which they said we would 11: 12am!

Seat 6/10

No IFE due to VivaAir being Low-Cost. Small try. Table. No complimentary drink or food :( Great leg room for a 1h flight :)

Arrival into Cartagena 9/10

Easy landing nothing to complain and quick baggage claim. Great Job! :) 👍

Overall Rating! 7.8/10

ThomasThePro (Thomas C.)


It was 45°C there (Cartagena) 🥵

Cartagena is hot for sure. How was the departure from Pereira? I know there’s mountains next to the airport…

We departed south. No mountain conflict!

Here a picture of our depature:

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