Viva Colombia | Project Colombia

Amazing detail man

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I would like to participate in this project, how can I do it?

Be an airport editor

But how? 👀

You have to apply to the IFAET (Infinite Flight Airport Editing Team) however, they currently aren’t sending out new invites, so the wait will be a while.

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Too bad :( thanks for the info

wow, you did it again ! thank you so much for the effort and great attention to detail ! Please keep this project going, a lot of us are really grateful for what you are doing !


As Colombian, I really appreciate all the airport editors for all the airports that they’ve done. Amazing detail in all of them. From SKBO to tiny SKMZ even San Andres SKSP. Now I really enjoy flying in between Colombia. Hopefully SKCL is in the works too 🤞🏻


SKCL - Alfonso Bonilla Aragón Int’l Airport

We needed one more to complete the top 3 largest hubs in Colombia, SKCL is ready to roll anytime soon in a future app update!

Thanks for your support to Project Colombia during 2022! image


Necesitamos Barranquilla!


In 22.5 We got SKAR ( Armenia ) In 22.6 we got SKCG ( Cartagena ) In 22.7 we got SKBO ( Bogota ) In 22.8 we got SKRG ( Rionegro/Medellin ) Hopefully we get SKCL ( Palmira/Cali ) in the next update :)

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