Viva Colombia Airbus A320-251N - Boomerang Livery (HK-5360)

Hello IFC!

Today I bring to all of you this incredible livery from the Colombian Low Cost Airline “Viva Colombia”.

In order to show the entire IF community that Colombia isn’t just Avianca, today, I’ve brought this wonderful new livery made by Airbus in collaboration with VivaAir.

What is Viva Colombia?

Viva Colombia is a low-cost airline with Hub at José Maria Cordova International Airport (SKRG), and its secondary HUB at El Dorado International Airport (SKBO), it’s a relatively new airline in the Colombian skies, but without a doubt It has adapted excellently to the Colombian market, carrying passengers to the main airports of the country.

Why do we need this livery?

Well, this Saturday and I hope that also on other occasions, Colombia will be an international hub, in which currently we will surely only see Avianca aircraft and aircraft registered in Argentina such as the current LATAM A320 (LV-BSJ), on the other hand the Colombian community both in IF and IFC is growing at a motivational rate, which is why the air traffic of IF within and outside of Colombia would increase, since this aircraft also flies to different international destinations.

Other great ideas

There are different liveries in Viva Colombia, in order to show the airline’s origin, for example, some Viva Colombia planes on one side of the pilot’s window have different names of Colombian cities, such as Medellín (HK-5318) , Bogotá (HK-5274) or small phrases with the word “Viva” such as “Viva la vida”, “Hasta la viva, baby”, etc…

There’s also a Viva Colombia livery that supports women to carry out self-examination in order to prevent breast cancer, it can be a good livery (HK-5273)

Your dream of traveling, do it with Viva!

Thanks for your support!

Thanks to David Pareja (Not IFC User) for this wonderful image (Link)

This is the A320neo FYI, I wouldn’t see this coming until we get the announcement of an A320neo.


You’re right!

It’s only to have an early request, maybe we can be surprised 👀


Great livery! However… I think I am going to save my votes for other things until the NEO is announced.

Also, great request too. Very well laid out and lots of info.

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